our offer

Thanks to our background and profesional experiences we are proud to satisfy you in many fuield. Here below just some examples for using our showroom.


We can offer our elegant and treasured space to let you expose your masterpiece as like Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, and as well as Video Art. You can display your masterpiece as long as you please for sale and also for exposing. We can support you for the exhibition by inviting journalists and local opinion leaders.

wine food

wine & food

Our location is the best in town for presenting your best class wine and food to the Local Community or Journalists, Chefs, Restaurant Owners, and also Traders. Space53 is downtown and well equipped by projectors for video presentations, tables and chairs, and specifically fridge for high class wines.

luxury design

luxury & design

If you are hand blessed by making handcrafts, designed furnitures and jewelry Space53 is your space! You can display your masterpieces as long as you please for sale or just to present them during one of the many local and art festivals. We can support you for the exhibition by inviting journalists, opinion leaders and potential costumers.



Our architectonical and design team’s background provides to let you use the space as a showroom with a  professional support to achieve your goals. We are a few steps from local and historical harbor. Thanks to our collaborations with local and nautical club we can also provide you by using piers for test sailing. Space53 is the best location for launching boat equipments.

Our offer is tailored on your needs however we are pleased to present you two of many different options.